Friday, 31 January 2014

A*Men Pure Malt

Let me start by saying that I like A*Men Pure Malt. I've had a largish decant of it for a few years now, and every now and then enjoy wearing it. Perhaps it is also worth mentioning that I like Angel, and the original A*men, for that matter. 

What I don't get about A*Men Pure Malt, is the reference to notes such as 'peat' and 'smoky'. Most reviews and note lists seem to suggest that Malt in this context refers to malt whisky. If this is the case, I don't personally think that A*Men Pure Malt smells remotely like any whisky I have drunk, and without wanting to sound pompous, I have drunk quite a few, being a fan of malt whiskies. 

I think A*Men Pure Malt smells very good, no doubt, but it is neither smoky nor peaty in my opinion. If you want good examples of smoke and peat in whiskies, try Laphroaig, from Islay for example, or perhaps even Talisker from Skye. Neither of those smell remotely like A*Men Pure Malt. Perhaps I am too harsh in expecting some olfactory photo-accurate representation of a malt whisky.

So what does this ramble achieve? Probably very little. But to re-emphasise, Pure Malt is a very nice perfume, and surprisingly musky in the dry down, which I like.


  1. I have no experience with A*Men Pure Malt, but I do like scotch. Someday, when you and I are in the same country, we should spend some quality time drinking scotch and sniffing perfumes. ;)

    1. That's a definite! Time and place? :-)

  2. Unlike Cymbaline I have less experience with Scotch, but some with A*Men. I very much like all the A*mens so far, but know what you mean about the missing peat and smoke in Pure Malt. For those notes I'd pick Christopher Brosius's Cumming, which is really peaty-have you ever smelled it?
    I'll pass on your single malt recommendations to my Hub who likes a single malt whisky himself!

  3. Hi Blacknall. I haven't tried Cumming actually. I think I should look out for it. Thanks for the tip. I like most whisky, not just scotch but also Irish and am partial to a bit of Jack too!



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