Wednesday, 11 December 2013

What I am....

Listening to:

Surprisingly (for me), not that much. I've struggled to find time to really sit down and listen, if you know what I mean. Yet, slightly contradictory, I am reading a lot. Go figure.

I am still very much enjoying the latest Dylan bootleg series album, and if you visit my last post on this, it is still the same songs that attract. I've also been enjoying a bit of Arcade Fire for my Indie fix, and Joni Mitchell for my blue mood fix.


I just finished The Life of Pi, by Yann Martel. I stayed away from this book for some time, worried that it had been overhyped, particularly when it was turned into a film. I needn't have been concerned. It was a very well-written, life-affirming novel that I can highly recommend.

I am also enjoying novels in the Harry Hole series, by Jo Nesbo. Nesbo is a Norwegian writer and has been likened to Stieg Larson, but in my opinion they are quite different, other than both are Scandinavian writers.


Nada. I have better things to do than watch TV.


  1. I too finally read Life of Pi this past summer -- had/have not seen the film. I really enjoyed it, especially Pi's childhood and encounters and synthesizing of the various religions he encountered.
    In fact, I went on a mini reading marathon in June and made it through 8 books that month; especially liked the latest Leonard Cohen bio and a Canadian novel, The Bishop's Man.
    Have been meaning to check out Jo Nesbo (didn't read the Stieg Larsen series, but saw the first film).

    -- Lindaloo

    1. Lindaloo thanks for commenting. yes it was an interesting and in places a very humerous novel, and I found his encounters with the various religions amusing and yet quite telling too!

  2. I'm OBSESSED w/Nesbo! Cannot wait to read his latest to be translated and arrive in the US - "Police".

    1. Yay, another Nesbo fan, Carol! I'm currently reading The Leopard, which is gripping to say the least. The Snowman was great too.

  3. Started with The Redeemer in audio book form. Have become obsessed and am reading them all in order. Almost done with The Leopard (my least favorite so far) and have The Phantom on my nightstand.

    1. Barbara, I enjoyed The Leopard, I must say, but I am still working my way through the novels, so I am looking forward to trying all the others!



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