Sunday, 20 October 2013

Tobacco perfumes (and Michael Kors Michael for Men)

There must be something about the air in Autumn, because it often makes me want to smell and wear tobacco-focused perfumes. In a way this may be kind of strange, as I don't smoke and hate the smell of cigarettes, pipe smoke and the like, but I do like the smell of tobacco before it is lit. I guess for some of us, myself included, there is also possibly a certain nostalgia and comfort that comes from the smell of pipe tobacco, often smoked by our grandads and other men of that age and era.

I occasionally wear perfumes with a tobacco note in the warmer months, but very often this note can become overwhelming and cloying when it is hot. A good example of this is Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanille, although I am not sure whether it is the tobacco or vanilla that is more cloying, possibly both. Serge Luten's Chergui is another case in point.

Come the cooler months however, and tobacco perfumes really come into their own, when the strong aromatic accords provide comfort and complexity, but are kept in check. Over the last week or so I have worn a tobacco perfume almost every day and I am aiming to cover a few of these on this blog in the ensuing days.

Today I will start with a tobacco perfume that I have mentioned a few times recently, but won't go into much detail, Michael Kors' Michael for Men. The reason I want to start with it, is because it is a great example of a tobacco perfume that neither rocks the boat, nor is so inconsequential that one does not even realise there is a tobacco note in there. While it does stray into more masculine territory, I don't personally think that it is too strong and macho that a woman should not try it. It is smooth, comforting, well-blended and very versatile. It can work in the day, for work and I think also suits the evening. It is not dressy, but at the same time it does have a smooth suaveness to it.

As a starting point, one could do a lot worse than try the Michael Kors, and it would be a good reference point, from a neutral position, to try more challenging and possibly more interesting examples.

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  1. Michael I've still got your samples I'm in most Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays (from November onwards) - Michelle



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