Friday, 4 October 2013

The week that was

Well, this has been a busy and tiring week, to be sure. We had a lovely weekend away in Bonn, Germany. I think I 'achieved' pretty much everything I set out to do, perhaps even more. We even got to experience a river cruise on the mighty Rhine and a hike up a mountain called the Drakensfell with spectacular views over the Rhine valley and the surrounding hills and mountains. 

Of course, no visit to Germany is complete without sausages, and plenty of them. I ate more sausages in three days than I think I have in three months. Let's not talk about blood pressure and cholesterol please! I had sausages fried, boiled, stewed, chopped up, served with piquant and fiery mustard, sweet mustard, and sauerkraut. Plus a few beers to top it off. 

The only downside to our weekend was the flight back to England, which was delayed by almost an hour, so we only landed at midnight. Our children were exhausted by the delay, which was then compounded by a fifteen minute walk from the gate to passport control, then a further queue to get through immigration and then another fifteen minutes or so to catch a bus to the long stay car park. It was then only a matter of a forty minute drive home. I think we got home around 2am!

Perfume wise, I have been enjoying all the new additions to my local Fenwick's department store, which I shall write about in due course. Autumn is truly here now, although temperatures are still quite warm. However, this being England, the weather has been a story of mostly grey skies and plenty of rain. Some things never change!


  1. Sausages are always the featured food group whenever I can't think of anything to make for dinner, so I had quite a laugh over your sausage-litany. :)
    Hopefully, all your hard-core sightseeing kept you at fighting weight!

    1. Cym, barely. I felt quite out of shape when I returned!



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