Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Bottega Veneta - Man vs Woman

Bottega Veneta is one of my favourite mainstream releases of the last year. It isn't flashy - it has a fairly quiet and restrained elegance that speaks of class and good bearing to me. Perhaps that's a slightly snobby perception, but I can't help it.

While I really love the smell of Bottega Veneta, I have to admit that my skin chemistry doesn't bring out the best in the perfume. It smells quite muted on me.

I recently gave my wife a sample and tonight she wore it for the first time. She doesn't wear a lot of perfume, but tonight she is going out for dinner with friends and sprayed some on before leaving the house. Well, what can I say - Bottega Veneta smells absolutely amazing on her. The sillage she left behind as she departed was just stunning, putting this lovely perfume in a whole new light for me.

It goes to show that in this 'battle of the sexes', perfume wise, Woman came out on top!


  1. On me Bottega Veneta is also very muted. I envy your opportunity to smell it on someone whose skin it's meant for. Clearly I have to recruit a friend or two as alternate skin sample sites.

    -- Lindaloo

  2. Carol, I take that as approval? ;-)

    Lindaloo, I don't have a lot of people to test perfume on. My wife is an occasional guinea pig, but she is not a massive perfume fan, so its a treat when she does!

  3. I like BV too, but after I bought it and use for few times, it doesn't go with my skin after a while it's undetectBle...

  4. Tony, I did find it faded quite fast from my skin too, thinking about it.



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