Thursday, 12 July 2012

The airport

Tomorrow I am going to the airport to fetch my mother in law, who is flying into England to visit us for a month. Now before you even think, or ask the question, yes I do get on ok with my wife's mother. She does all the talking, I do all the listening, and everyone is happy! Jokes aside, she is a good person and we're looking forward to having her.

A rather silly (or perhaps not) question for a rainy Thursday evening (or if you happen to live in any country in the world other than England, a sunny Thursday evening, I am sure) - what perfume would you wear to an airport, or what perfume do you think I should wear to an airport? Bear in mind I am not flying anywhere myself, merely visiting a soulless and glorified bus station.

Two obvious perfumes come to mind, albeit that I won't get off the ground myself, namely Guerlain's Vol de Nuit and Caron's En Avion.


  1. You couldn't do better than Hilde Soliani's Bel Antonio because it smells of coffee and tobacco, which is what airports smell like anyway, but this perfume makes them elegant, comforting scents. Good for rainy Thursday evenings too!

  2. Blacknall, in the end I wore no perfume to the airport, how boring is that? But thanks for the suggestion - I haven't tried a Hilde Soliani before.



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