Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Jacques Bogart Silver Scent

It's seldom that I completely dismiss a fragrance. I like to think that I give most a fair chance, even those that don't begin promisingly. In fact, probably more so if they don't, because these can often surprise. However, I'm afraid to say that Silver Scent is not one of those. The notes include citrus notes, aromatic notes, orange blossom, spices, geranium, oud wood, teak bark, tonka bean and vetiver. On paper that reads as delicious and intriguing. The reality is very different though. Silver Scent opens with an astringent blast of synthetic citrus, cloying and so strong and vaporous that it made me gag and want to cough. I smell a lot of orange blossom, but it smells like flat orange soda. There is a sourness to this perfume that reminds me of clothes washed with cheap laundry detergent that haven't dried properly. You must have had this happen to you before - it isn't a nice smell. Later on the fragrance does mellow slightly but it is still pungent, penetrating, entirely synthetic in every way and I couldn't carry on with it; I had to wash it off. On paper it smelled even worse, but I still got that same sour clothes/detergent odour. I hate to be so dismissive of a perfume and perhaps one of you has even tried it and perhaps liked it, and if so, my apologies, but still, this is hideous, at least to me. What makes it even worse is that Silver Scent has such a great list of notes, but this does not remotely translate to the actual product. Pass.

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