Thursday, 22 July 2010

Annick Goutal Eau de Sud

I find the Annick Goutal line a strange one. A lot of the feminine perfumes are rich, floral, blowsy perfumes; think Songes for example, while the masculines are mainly citrus-based, and slightly offbeat. Then you get the really odd, like Mandragore or Sables. This is not to say that Annick Goutal is a poor line. Far from it in fact, but I would say that generally speaking it doesn't float my boat. However, Eau de Sud is one that I really like. I think if you are looking for a citrus fragrance with a twist, and more importantly, one that can stand up to a bit of heat and humidity without fading within an hour, Eau de Sud might just be for you. The notes listed include bergamot, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon verbena, peppermint, basil, persian lime and woods. If this sounds very citrusy, it is, and the opening is a brisk, mouth-puckering blast of citrus, yet to me, not like a traditional cologne. The citrus fades to reveal quite a herbal heart, what with the basil, peppermint and the sort of citrusy, yet fragrant lime. In fact, later on Eau de Sud reminds me quite a lot of Eau Savage by Christian Dior; I think it might be the combination of citrus, verbena and basil in particular. For some reason I also find there is a saltiness to Eau De Sud, but not so much a sea saltiness, but the sort of saltiness you find when you lick the cut peel of a lovely, fragrant lemon. Have you ever found that with lemon? In spirit, I am also reminded a little of Sel de Vetiver, again not in actual smell, but that sensation of inhaling a humid, salt-laden breeze at the coast on a summery day.

Eau de Sud to me is a better and more interesting fragrance than the other well-known citrus in the Goutal line, Eau d'Hadrian. As I've already said, it is a citrus fragrance, but it has more going on than the usual suspects. It has enough herbs and woods to give it some longevity and interest, yet it remains fairly light and perfect for a warm summer day. While I suspect it might be favoured by men, I can't see any reason why a lady can't wear this. It is perfectly unisex and actually comes in both the masculine bottle pictured above left, and in the more usual, feminine bottle used by Goutal. I think it is a lovely perfume and highly recommend giving it a try.


  1. oh dear, not another AG for me to try! ;)

  2. Perfect timing for this review-I actually wore my sample of Eau de Sud to work yesterday. I agree, it did remind me of Eau Sauvage. The sillage wasn't too much for the office, but I was able to smell it throughout the day-very nice fragrance!

  3. Frida I take it you're an AG fan. I'd be interested to read your impressions on some of their line.

    Sleeping Dragon thanks for the comment. I agree that this would make a good office scent. It's distinctive enough without making a screaming statement.

  4. hey Michael - actually I tested a bunch of AG, but only found a few I really like - many were too 'light' and disappeared from my skin quickly.

  5. Frida, you're not the first who's mentioned that. As I said in my post, I'm relatively lukewarm about the line, but I know AG does have some devoted followers.

  6. I did quite like this one, but decided the herbs were not quite "me" in the end. Same script with Nuits d'Hadrien, which I really wanted to like more than I did. Eau de Ciel I always get muddled with EdS, but it is soapier, I think.

  7. Michael, this sounds like one I might enjoy very much. Peppermint, basil and woods?

    That's right up my alley.

    Thanks for the review!



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