Saturday, 21 July 2012


I am now on holiday for two weeks. Not particularly notable, I'm sure, but I am looking forward to a break with my family. We aren't going anywhere, mind you, but we do plan to get out in Kent and Sussex (do day trips count as going somewhere?) and certainly a trip or two up to London. As you know, no trip to London is complete for me without a visit to some perfume emporiums, so I m sure I will pay a visit to some!

I may or may not post in this period; I'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, have a good weekend wherever you are!


  1. Day trips definitely count as going somewhere! I have fond memories of these from my childhood - your daughters will love them!

    Maybe while in London you could check out the new Amouage Interlude Man and Woman perfumes. Is the Olympic "scene" causing any traffic headaches yet?

  2. Cym, that is precisely what I was thinking - I'm dead keen to try the Interludes! I'm hoping after Opus VI that these will be good. I have to be honest, Honour did not move me at all, but many people did like those.

  3. I should clarify perhaps - I loved Opus VI, as you know, so I'm hoping the trend will continue...

  4. I hope you enjoy your vacation!



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