Monday, 23 June 2014

Rothenstein Deja Vu

I received a sample of Rothenstein Deja Vu about three years ago and after trying it once, it languished at the bottom of a sample drawer in my bedroom until I dug it out a few days ago.

I had never heard of Rothenstein, and in fact I still don't know much about them. Type the name into a Google search and one finds very little about the house or the perfume. Precious little. Fragrantica has it listed, with the sketchiest of note lists (fruits, vanilla, florals) that leads me to believe it is a fruity floral. 

Trying it again last week, I think this is probably as accurate as it will get. On my skin Deja Vu smells warm, sweet (but not overly so), vanillery, with some fruit and what I smell as a light rose note. This probably seems like damning with faint praise. If I'm being honest, there is probably a reason the sample was at the bottom of my drawer - it is a little bit boring to my nose, albeit perfectly nice. And that is the problem for me. It is all niceness, with no claws; not how I generally prefer my perfumes.

That is just my opinion, of course, and one could do a lot worse than try Deja Vu. The bottle is rather risque, with the buddist figures on top in a rather shall we say 'interesting position'!

Image credit - Fragrantica

Monday, 2 June 2014


I am reading: 

Ian McEwan's Sweet Tooth. I don't know how many of you have read novels by this great British author, but if you haven't I can certainly recommend giving him a go. He is one of those authors that always leaves you in a state of unease. It is hard to explain, but I'm sure all of you have experienced something similar from an author before.

I am watching:

Episodes. Starring Matt Le Blanc as well as a couple of talented British actors including Tamsin Greig. It isn't flawless, by any means, but fairly good.

I am listening to:

A lot of classical music, courtesy of my wife, who is getting back into playing the piano again.

I am wearing:

Perfume, of course, but in a fairly random come-what-may fashion. I like it that way.


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