Friday 18 November 2011

Sampling Sonoma Scent Studio

I've mentioned Sonoma Scent Studio in previous posts, but not for some time now. The samples that I've got lend themselves best to the cooler months, I think, with the exception of Incense Pure, which I could wear all year round.

I've written about a few in the line before. For example, my thoughts on Wood Violet, Tabac Aurea, Sienna Musk and Incense Pure can be found here, while Winter Woods, Ambre Noir and Fireside Intense are here.

I don't aim to rehash my thoughts again, except to state that with time Tabac Aurea has definitely grown on me. Strangely, I now detect its tobacco note quite clearly and find it such a comforting, yummy scent. While none of these is foody per se, they all smell delicious. I can't quite explain it.

Another thing that strikes me about Sonoma Scent Studio in general is how reasonably priced their products are and also how easy it is to purchase from their website. I also love how they offer so many different sizes. This is so refreshing compared to better known perfumeries that offer one size - 100ml or nothing. I hate that.

If you haven't tried anything from this lovely perfume house, I would urge you to do so. I'm confident you will find at least one perfume in their line that will wow you. 


  1. It is really nice of you to say so. I think SSS deserves more promotion - those are really perfumes that are lovely and easy to wear (I was sorry to hear that Femme Jolie is no longer available).

  2. Ines, thanks. I'm glad you like SSS too and I agree that they deserve more recognition.

  3. I love Laurie's perfumes! She is an absolute genius. I wear Tabac Aurea often. I bought Fig Tree blind, and it arrived a few hours ago. I can't stop smelling myself! It's not too sweet, not too figgy, clean greens, with a creamy base that reminds me of L'Heure Bleue. Amazing.

  4. Anonymous, glad you like the perfumes. I haven't tried Fig Tree yet, but have read that it is an interesting take on fig.

  5. Would love for you to re-try Laurie's creations during cold weather. Winter Woods, Jour Ensolielle and Champagne de Bois were love at first sniff for me. However, Incense Pure, Tabac Aurea and Sienna Musk I had to try several times before I fell in love. I prefer SSS when the weather turns here in the Northeastern part of the USA. Haven't tried Fig Tree yet. Perhaps that would make a nice summer scent. Laurie is such a talented perfumer!

  6. Brigitte, I've tried Winter Woods a few times, but not Champagne de Bois. Incense Pure is one of my favourites.

  7. Champagne de Bois smells like apricot marmalade on my skin. Jour Ensoilielle is honey,beeswax and pure warmth to my nose. For me Winter Woods is a grown up version of vanilla (althought there are no vanilla notes in it!)I was not an incense lover until I met Incense Pure-it is truly a scent that calms and comforts me. Yet I do not think that I would appreciate any of these scents during warm temperatures. And I agree with you that SSS is an extraordinary value due to the high concentration as well as ability to buy smaller sizes.



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