Saturday, 1 March 2014

SOTD - Alexander McQueen Kingdom

I'm not sure what compelled me to wear Kingdom today, other than it was staring at me from my top drawer and I hadn't worn it in a long time.

I snapped up probably the last bottle I ever saw in Tunbridge Wells (and elsewhere for that matter) and don't regret it one single bit. It is a fine and slightly unusual rose perfume, packed with cumin, a note which tends to either attract people, or repel them. I've never had an issue with cumin and enjoy it in food and as a perfume note, so Kingdom is very wearable for me.

I find the dry down quite comforting actually, with a warm sandalwood note that softens the cuminy rose and jasmine. It was marketed as a feminine fragrance, but I actually think it can be worn fairly easily by a man too.

I would strongly recommend trying Kingdom at least once. 


  1. Kingdom came up recently on one of The Non-Blonde's posts. I think it was a list of scents that should never have been discontinued.

    I thought Kingdom got rather a poor reception for what it was, and I think it was a deconstruction of sandalwood. But glad you've written it up here. By the way, hope you're not near any of the UK flood zones!

  2. I haven't tried it, but I would like to. It sounds really good, I hope it would be like that.



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