Monday, 29 April 2013

What I am...

Listening to:
  • Going back in time and revisiting some blues artists - some include Son House, Robert Johnson and John Lee Hooker, . What interests me is finding the link to more current artists  and their influence. The Rolling Stones, for example, are steeped in the blues, albeit from a British perspective, and have covered lots of old blues artists. A good example of someone current who is influenced heavily is Jack White.
  • Willy Mason
  • A history of the Blues. Unsurprising, I suppose.
  • Still sort of muddling my way through Game of Thrones
  • Uncut Magazine
  • Very little actually. Haven't really had the time and with the weather improving, who wants to sit indoors glued to television?
  • I have seen a few music documentaries. I can highly recommend Searching for Sugar Man. As a South African myself, I can vouch for that time and atmosphere, although I was a decade later really, but in many ways, the late seventies and early eighties weren't that different, politically or otherwise. 
  • Anything I can get my hands on! Only kidding. Spring in England always seems to re-ignite my taste for a gin and tonic. I like this drink packed with lots of ice and my preference is for lime rather than lemon. 
  • San Pellegrino Aranciata Rossa. Fizzy blood orange. Lovely.


  1. Thanks for the recc on the Sugar Man documentary. I've been thinking about seeing that - it's outside my normal viewing range, but just looks so good. Now I have your endorsement to add incentive. :)

    1. Natalie, it is an excellent film, and well worth watching!



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