Friday, 30 November 2012

End of November musings

So, the last day of November. How fast this month has gone. With one month of the year left, I'm already starting to feel bereft, with that inevitable sense of loss of control. Tempus fugit and all that...

I thought I'd end off the month with a brief list of what I'm wearing, reading and listening to.

Book - I'm still making my steady way through the Game of Thrones series, but have also managed to read a Lee Child novel (easy escapism) and something far more interesting, a great book from the Harry Hole detective series by Jo Nesbo, The Snowman. Creepy, creepy stuff, I tell you!

Music - strangely enough, I'm going through a bit of a lean period. I'm a bit bored of what I've been listening to. Joanna Newsom is always good though, in small doses. That voice! it either captivates, or grates.

Perfume - well, you know. A bit of everything really. Today I wore Neela Vermeire's Bombay Bling and Mohur, while yesterday I really enjoyed a bit of a journey back in time to some of the earliest samples in my collection, Wazamba and Frapin's Caravelle Epicee. Lovely perfumes, those last two.

So, farewell November and in the meantime, I'll leave you with a video of Joanna Newsom on the Jools Holland Show, singing and playing '81.


  1. It's time to try a Jo Nesbo book. It must be the holiday season that's got me in the "creepy" mood! Is it necessary to start with the 1st book?

    Farewell November:(

  2. Cym, I don't know. The Snowman is the first I've read in the series, but it doesn't seem crucial to know all that much about Harry Hole's background. In fact, not much info is given about him really, so chronologically doesn't seem to be a factor.



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