Monday, 10 May 2010

Winter has returned to the muddy isle that is the United Kingdom. After two glorious spring weeks in late April, the last week has been grim, cold and frankly, awful. The picture to the left is not quite how things look in England right now, but it does represent the mental state of my mind, which has reverted to winter blues. On that note, I haven't had much inspiration for blogging this weekend. Its not that I don't wan't to write, its just that I've been busy with my family and there aren't enough hours in the day. This didn't stop me from actually wearing perfume though.

No major reviews today - just a few brief musings. On Saturday I didn't go out at all, stuck at home doing tasks I'd put off for weeks, such as sorting out storage in our loft and under-stairs cupboard. Yuk. As I was holed up, I figured I would try some more feminine stuff, so sprayed Fleurs Oriental by Miller Harris on one wrist and Carolina Herrera 212 Sexy! on the other. Woah. Ok, Fleurs Oriental is actually quite good. Its remarkably similar to  Shalimar, perhaps slightly less voluptuous and dryer. Its not overly feminine to me, but then again, I wear Shalimar without feeling particularly self-conscious. 212 Sexy! goes on with a shrill, berry blast that becomes a sweet floriental. Or is it a fruitchouli? I don't know. Whatever. Its unremarkable in my opinion and this is one that I would definitely not try again. Having said that, my wife sniffed my wrist and said she liked it. I can't win.

On Sunday I was back in more familiar territory. I went perfume browsing in my local Fenwick department store, but there was nothing new on the shelves, so I spritzed on two that I've sampled a fair bit and I think I will review these in more detail another day. I sprayed on Chergui by Serge Lutens and Grey Vetiver by Tom Ford (not layered by the way, but thinking about it, its possible these could go together. So shoot me.) Chergui is one of the most popular Lutens, and I can see why. It is spicy, full of sweet yet fragrant hay and tobacco and despite the sweetness, has a dry feel about it, a bit like an Arabian or north African wind. Grey Vetiver is not hugely original, but for a mainstream release I think it is very well done and has enough going on to warrant the good press it has received. The vetiver is more of the grassy, slightly green variety and reminds me a bit of Guerlain Vetiver, without the soapiness or nutmeg, but its not an aped copy. It is quite dry at times and although not a sillage monster, it does have tenacity and lasts well on my skin. I'd say it comes across as quite sophisticated and its one that Dad at the club or son at the office could wear quite comfortably. Clever Tom.

Well, that's all I tried. One thing I did do is order some more perfume samples, which I haven't done for about two months. I'm on a tight budget you see. Times are tough and we are feeling the squeeze I'm afraid, especially as we are on one income as my wife was on maternity leave this past year and thus the single income blues struck. Anyway, enough about my lament; I ordered 6 samples from Sonoma Scent Studio in California. I've read a lot of good stuff about this perfume line and I eagerly await my samples. Incidentally, their prices are extremely good value for money - only $3 - £3.25 a sample and their larger sizes are very reasonable. I'll update you once they arrive. Have a good week y'all.

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